the choleric side of me....

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September 12, 2008 11:02pm CST
CHARACTERISTICS OF THE CHOLERIC TEMPERAMENT The choleric person is quickly and vehemently excited by any and every influence. Immediately the reaction sets in and the impression remains a long time. The choleric man is a man of enthusiasm; he is not satisfied with the ordinary, but aspires after great and lofty things. He craves for great success in temporal affairs; he seeks large fortunes, a vast business, an elegant home, a distinguished reputation or a predominant position. He aspires to the highest also in matters spiritual; he is swayed with a consuming fire for holiness; he is filled with a yearning desire to make great sacrifices for God and his neighbor, to lead many souls to heaven. The natural virtue of the choleric is ambition; his desire to excel and succeed despises the little and vulgar, and aspires to the noble and heroic. In his aspiration for great things the choleric is supported by: 1. A keen intellect. The choleric person is not always, but usually endowed with considerable intelligence. He is a man of reason while his imagination and his emotions are poor and stunted. It is said that Julius Caesar was able to dictate different letters to several secretaries at the same time without losing the line of thought for each dictation. 2. A strong will. He is not frightened by difficulties, but in case of obstacles shows his energy so much the more and perseveres also under great difficulties until he has reached his goal. Pusillanimity or despondency the choleric does not know. Hamilcar of Carthage in North Africa took his son Hannibal to the altar of their god and made him swear eternal hatred for Rome, their implacable enemy. Later, Hannibal assembled a complete army and elephants and led them through Spain, over the Pyrenees, through Southern France and over the Alps into Italy, a feat never equaled before or after, and came very close to conquering and destroying Rome. 3. Strong passions. The choleric is very passionate. Whenever the choleric is bent upon carrying out his plans or finds opposition, he is filled with passionate excitement. All dictators, old and new, are proof of this statement. 4. An often times subconscious impulse to dominate others and make them subservient. The choleric is made to rule. He feels happy when he is in a position to command, to draw others to him, and to organize large groups. A very great impediment for the choleric in his yearning for great things is his imprudent haste. The choleric is immediately and totally absorbed by the aim he has in mind and rushes for his goal with great haste and impetuosity; he considers but too little whether he can really reach his goal. A high Nazi official told a former chum, (later a priest): "We cannot back out; we have gone too far."
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13 Sep 08
hmm, nice discussion you have there, I think I also have that choleric side, when I really things to be done, I go for it, as the official said,"We cannot back out; we have gone too far." and right now my choleric side is on focused to mylot
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13 Sep 08
Yes, me too im driven here to post and post communicate and encourage mylotters. HAve a nice day and take care!!!