Natural Disasters

United States
September 13, 2008 12:27am CST
We have seen a lot of distruction, A lot of terrible things have happened to so many people here around us, yet there still isn't any way to stop all these things from happening, with our tachnology and all our man power we are still as helpless as a new born baby. Why Katrina? Why 9/11 The Volcano's The massive hurricanes and with all the past experiences why are we still as helpless as with the first. There has never been a plan of action put out on the table. 9/11 we are still feeling the affects of that very day, because everyday one of our soldiers are being killed due to that day, the plan of action seems only to work for the terrorists their plan to fly into our buildings and kill our people was only the beginning, they are still killing us everyday and that is exactly what they planed on. We are still fumbling around with no real plan of action, except to keep letting our service men and women go and commit suicide. If our technology is so good why are people living so close to the coastal area where we should have known that this day was coming. Brokers and morgage lenders are so hungry for that almighty dollar that they put our lives at the stake, risk our future and our actual lives so that they can become rich at your expense. All the lives that have been lost due to the almighty dollar the greed amongst one another and everybody acts like, what's going on as if they didn't know. 9/11 was a terrible horrible day. Why didn't anyone learn from that day? Why are still so many young men and women still dying due to that day? these are questions i don't think will ever be answered anytime soon. We have a person running for the presidency of our country who i quote said he knew how to get ben ladden, but he is waiting to become president first, now this is what our country is waiting for? get real, he doesn't give a crap for our country and yes i have heard him speak of 9/11 when he should never have spoken one word, for he is not thinking of the damage he is causing to so many grieving families, Why doesn't he get the one's still responsible for 9/11 if he knows he can! There should be dramatic warnings about places that could be an ideal target for natural disasters also, Please start caring more for our people and less for the almighty dollar that is killing our people. We could not survive even when our life IS depending on it, we should be very well equipped to do so but are still ignorant due to what we call progress and money and our neighbor, please don't depend on the neighbor they won't save you either, omly their self. This is what our world has become full of technology that does nothing to save us.
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@pau_79 (792)
• Philippines
13 Sep 08
If we look deeper its basically because abusing nature is taking its toll and there's not much we can do to reverse it but hope for the best. Prayers will give you peace of mind and spirit.