Rubiks cube

United States
September 13, 2008 2:59am CST
Dont you think rubiks cubes are hard? I tried it last time and i couldnt do it. Its like imposible. Yesterday I saw a man do it in less than 30second. So I wanted to be like him and tried it and I couldnt do it Can any of you do it?
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• United States
13 Sep 08
Goodness, I've seen those guys that can solve one so fast; I've completed one, but it actually took me more than a day to do it. I was at my baby cousin's birthday party and I actually solved it, but it took me all day, all night, and then during breakfast that next morning. I was determined to solve the stupid thing... LoL. I want to be able to do it faster, but I will ive with being able to do it at all.