Palin and McCain Are Great Dancers

United States
September 13, 2008 3:27am CST
In the Gibson Interview's with Palin and on "The View" today with McCain, each of them expertly refused to provide answers to questions that were made. No matter how many times Gibson repeated his question or rephrased them, Palin studiously rephrased her non-answer. No matter how direct the gals at "The View" were, McCain danced around what they were actually accusing him of, including lies against Obama that were clearly stated in his campaign ad and endorsed by him. He stood by his ads even though the gals pointed out how he was wrong, including the fact that he stole the campaign mantra of "change". Joy Behar minced no words, and he played dead. Can we be in for four more years of secrets, denial and lies? Mrs. Palin is deluded herself and is trying to delude the country that she has experience and expertise in foreign relations because... if you go to the right place in Alaska, you can "see part of Russia". Are we that stupid that we will accept that as an answer? Is she that reckless, is she that naive, is she that disrespectful, insulting, or offensive to the "48 states" that she thinks we, the citizens, will accept that as experience? I feel sorry for anyone who is not offended by that remark alone, anyone who is willing to brush that remark under the table and think that she is qualified to do any work in the federal government. This campaign is starting to look like it is between Obama and Palin despite the lean experience but, bullheadedness of Palin. But what it reflects is the lack of fortitude, confidence and strength of Mr. McCain. He has literally thrown up his hands and said "let Sarah run with the ball" she has the personality, guts and Barracuda persona to get the public revved up. He is not worried that she has broken some laws regarding illegal use of her power in the state of Alaska. He is not worried that she has no experience in foreign affairs, nor the economy, which is very different in the state of Alaska. He worries about nothing. Does this sound familiar? Does this remind you of a man that started a war with the wrong people without a plan based, on lies? It does me. Mrs. Palin may be able to fool some of the people some of the time, but when it is time to cast the vote, people will remember that she shoots wolves, wants to kill Polar Bears, fires people who do not do her dirty work, sees the geography of Russia and thinks that is foreign experience, thinks it is OK to begin a war on Russia, thinks we can win the war in Iraq and that Iraq attacked us on 9-11, and has no concept that the world's people are contributing to Global Warming, AND wants to take away women's rights. I have to believe that there are enough people out there in this great country of ours that can see beyond the lies and deception, who will not get caught up on the rah rah rah, who see Obama is a straight forward, intelligent, man of honor with character, a gentleman, with statesman qualities, a great speech writer with excellent delivery, the ability to move with the ebb and flow of a situation, and who's ego does not get in his way and VOTE him into office in November.
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