Nothing new, indeed ?

@mookhor (304)
September 13, 2008 6:37am CST
One of my teachers has once said that all have said and that all have been done.With the same breathe he has suggested that not a single piece of new verse can one compose any more and not a single novel idea can one have in the mind any more. He has considered the things in the following way: The earth is a very old one and human beings have been here for millenniums. Hence human beings have got more than enough time and purpose to ponder over and to find out anything novel. And as they are very little, that is, smaller than even grains that may be viewed by our instrumented eyes even, the capacity in mankind must have a limit. In his view those ability and capability have been exhausted long before and what we have been witnessing at present are rearrangement of the old only. I do not know if his conclusion was without any mistakes. What I find is something queer. Long before the discovery of the aircrafts we have read references of the something resembling those in the invaluable epics. And I do not feel comfortable to consider those as imagination far-fetched although I am not sure of anything still.
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• Australia
15 Oct 08
Nevertheless, each generation appraches things as though they were new, and it's only cynical old men and women like us lol who have come to realise that there is nothing really new, just innovative ways of arranging knowledge. But so what? As young men and women we create to the best of our ability, and if we indvidually get something of value from that, and even better if our society or species gets something of value from that, what does it matter if it is not "new"? Lash
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