My brother said he doesn't smoke

@oyenkai (4396)
September 13, 2008 8:04am CST
My brother has always trusted us (his siblings) with his "secrets" - not really secrets, but he keeps them from our parents. He told us about his tattoo but he kept if from our parents. I wonder why he kept from us that he smokes and he's even very outspoken with the bad effects of smoking...
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@fasttalker (2796)
• United States
29 Sep 08
Maybe he feels like his family is so against it that he would get a lot of criticism if he made it known. Or possibly he doesn't want to worry his family about it. You said he talks about the bad effects of it so at least he knows that it isn't good for him although that is not usually a good enough reason for a smoker to stop. I have a friend that is a "closet smoker" as we call her. And according to her, she keeps it from her husband because she doesn't want to hear the constant nagging about it. I would ask him about it and let hom decide what he wants you to know about it. Happy mylotting!