The Matrix of Qyao, a very well defined business modle

@jfxrsch (1041)
September 13, 2008 8:28am CST
Questions about Qyao is everywhere around, mostly posted by people who already joined Qyao. Most of regular members quit after a period of's really hard to know how to stay focused working on an unknown hole. Some returns to Qyao after a while, then, quit again. For figuring out how to make big money, many people signed up under another upperline only to find out this upperline doesn't work either. yes, Qyao allows multi accounts as many as you can imagine. In one word, many people signed up with Qyao, following the puzzling guide, implement the daily activities before they finally quit, or they upgrade to elite. The daily activities are: watch income from the advertising compaign, click ads all around Qyao's website, Search things in the search engine. I don't have information about how many confusing members Qyao currently has. I guess that's a huge number :-) It's a shame-- it takes me more than 24 hours to figure out Qyao's business model. Huge gain, well done, Qyao!
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• Netherlands
6 Oct 08
I have read your article very carefully and the idea I get is that there are better networks to join and make some proffit. Some people have also doubts of it's legitimacy here Have you already made some $$$ with them?