How much did you invest to clickin'me?

@rortiz86 (1697)
September 13, 2008 8:27pm CST
Now everything is becoming clear, After the referrals sale of Clicknme, they suddenly change their policy that they will no longer pay via alertPay or any other payment processors. Now they will only pay via bank transfer. Perhaps it's time to say goodbye to your investments. It's just a plot a trick set up by the admin in order to get more money into their hands. Right now while I'm doing this post. The admin of clikinme still trying to defend his decision although there are already too much complains about it. Is he deaf? He thought, we will be happy with this?! The last thing that I expect is that this site will go down. Hail! The Worst PTC site of all time "Clickinme", even worst than buxto. They have just made a history. A smart move to be rich! What do you think? How much did you invest with this site? Will you still participate with this site?
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@kean28 (226)
• Philippines
14 Sep 08
I've seen that too just cost too much to bank transfer when your outside US due to bank fees are so are we gonna request 2 dollars when its more than the fee that will be deducted...then i must wait till i got higher earnings before requesting payment..this is absolutely crazy and 'm having doubts now bout it
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@cambiste (1244)
• India
5 Feb 09
The amount of documents and personal information you have to enter for getting a bank transfer - this could be more than just a scam - it could be worse - an identity theft, fake cheques of the Nigerian scams, who knows. Its too risky, and not wise to work with them.
@jimbelle (485)
• Philippines
28 Oct 08
It is good that I have not invested in this site. I was tempted to buy refs but I waited till I got paid.