Love and Internet

September 14, 2008 8:20am CST
do you belive in love by internet you meet some one in the chat and you love him ?
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@tatiana07 (498)
• Philippines
14 Sep 08
yes i do believe in love by internet...i'd met my husband thru online chat..we've been in a relationship for almost 4months before we'd met..he's working abroad then, when he finally got his vacation, without a doubt, he got here for us to finally met..after 4months we got married..and now we have 6months old baby boy...(",) happy mylotting (",)
14 Sep 08
I dont about love in the internet I must confess. I have met some pretty horrid jerks in chat rooms, but have also made some great friends. However I dont know about love. From words on a screen, how can you fall in love?
• United States
14 Sep 08
Absolutely! Why not? It's just another form of communication. How is it different from talking to someone anywhere else?
• China
14 Sep 08
i don't believe it. but someones besides me succeeded. usually, love on internet is not reliable. they don't knowabout each other, they only see the appearance. but appearance can't show all the truth of a person. as soon as they live together, the bad habit will be discovered. so they will quarrel, they will depart if they can't bear each other at last...