anyone here like wearing earrings more for the feel than the look?

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September 14, 2008 1:09pm CST
i just thought i'd ask this because i always hear how people assume that a guy wears earrings as a fashion statement or because it's trendy,or they want to look cool or whatever but as for myself,i like wearing the gauged cbr(thick horseshoe earrings)primarily for the feel.actually,it's totally for the feel because i'd like to let my hair grow right over my ears,completely covering them so no one can see i'm wearing them and assume that i'm wearing them for looks/style purposes. i dont like how people always seem to think that this is the case. i like the feel.the look or the style isnt why i wear them.that's why,i will let my hair keep growing till it completely covers my ears.that way,no one looks at me for that reason only,and no one thinks,"oh,look,he must think he's cool or some kind of rock star"....or,"hey,guys should'nt wear earrings,they look femmy,they're only for the girls"... i'll get to enjoy the feel of the thick heavy cbr earlobe rings without getting the stares,funny looks or nosey questions....anyone else have a similiar situation? i know that if you're a girl or a woman,it's completely socially acceptable and usually quite admirable as far as appearance goes but i'm sure that even alot of females wear they're big earrings more because of the feel than just the look or style or for getting attention.....i'm totally just liking the feel,not the look at all,so i wonder if there's even some woman that think like this as well. it seems more justifiable for a guy though because of the negative social stigmas it often seems to bring forth upon them.
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@Pigglies (9336)
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14 Sep 08
I don't like really heavy earrings, but I do wear glass earrings for the feel even though you often can't see mine either. They're so comfortable and without an earring in my piercings start to close up immediately.