Favorite subject? eww

September 14, 2008 3:06pm CST
Frankly speaking.. i don't like any subjects.. but if break time is a subject.. well then that will be my favorite subject.. how about you guys? what are your favorite SUBJECTS?
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• Dominican Republic
20 Sep 08
I like Math a lot, and Social Studies... dont know why, cause most of the time I'm wishing I could get out of school once and for all, but I really like them. Xp
@hiddenwing (3721)
• China
15 Sep 08
My favoriate subjiect is math. If I have another chance to choose my major...
• United States
15 Sep 08
graduate school - all the other subjects aren't there and we get to focus on what we are interested in.
@suprema (297)
• Philippines
15 Sep 08
Math. I'm still in college so I still have Math subjects (a lot of them, actually) and each one is a bore!
• United States
15 Sep 08
I'm guessing you mean in school. If so my favorite subject is math - I believe math is the fundamental fabric of the universe. I find it beautiful and fun as a result. Not many people share this line of thought however, and I understand where they come from. Aside from favorite subject, though, I like them all. I have a mix of math, science, music, and philosophy class right now. I'll also take some cultural anthropology and probably some other subjects as well. I love learning in general!
• Singapore
15 Sep 08
physical education...best....others boos!
@stellarjade (1240)
• United States
14 Sep 08
I didn't like school all that much either. But my favorite subjects were art and music, if those are really considered subjects. Everything else was just boring.