Wich is the best internet sites on the net ?

September 14, 2008 3:18pm CST
Heya, Wich of ALL the sites on the net do you think is best? And why are they best? I love myLot (Of course) and Digg.com. Wich is your Favorite ?
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14 Sep 08
why d best?? sorry..i forgot it.. so...mininova..(i mostly download games,movies n manythings frm here..) disney..(very colorfull site and so much enjoyment here..) mylot..i think u know very well.how much intresting is it!!!! storymash...(i like to write stories n thats why i've joined it..its very different site..on storymash authors are very brilliant and open minded.) orkut..(just connect wid frnds..a different way of chating...)
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15 Sep 08
Gr8 ! I love writing stories to, BTW whats your name on Orkut ?
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