Why World of Warcraft and not something else?

United States
September 14, 2008 4:51pm CST
So I am wondering something... and to start off yes I do play WOW too. So I am wondering why so many people play WOW. Because I have played in the past the game Dungeons and Dragons Online (DDO) and it has PVP and raids also, but the one thing that it has that WOW doen't is that you can actually dodge attacks, which takes some skill unlike WOW where the only dodge is a roll by the computer. I get so sick of pets being able to hunt and find my rogue like 20 min after I stealthed, or a caster casting a spell and I can run around corners and jump off cliffs but I always still get hit (ok really I am only doing the running when I am just running through a place or trying to leave the battle not really dodging since that isn't an option). But I just don't see why those who are skilled players and not just fad players aren't overwhelming DDO or something so that we get more games where the player can have more control! Can anyone let me know why we don't ask Blizzard to do to WOW like DDO or why we just keep playing the same old thing? My answer to this is because my best friend is playing WOW and he won't leave because he also has buddies on WOW that won't leave so it becomes a circle of abuse ;).
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@LittleMel (14036)
• Canada
11 May 09
not sure but I love the graphics I don't know any other game but I tried one game Baldur's gate and it's not like WoW at all I've played WoW for over a year I tried pvp and raiding and now I'm bored of it I'm trying to sell my stuffs and my alts stuffs this month and planning to completely quit this game next month Maybe next year I will come back, if ever. but as for now I don't enjoy the game anymore.
@guamuser (32)
• Guam
21 Oct 08
i play WoW and i like it cause it's the best game that i ever tried. i got this for a birthday (suprising aint it?) I don't really have tha tkind of cash to go and try every game out there so the first i tried this game. i thought it was real good. And like what people said above.. almost anybody can play and since they have to pay for the game.. people will be on more often. Socialing with people is a big plus in the game too. If you play games like Runecsape.. or DDO (thats if it's free..) not much people are on cause they can play whenever they want to. Then.. they won't be so social. And since it's free.. a higher percentage might be botters.. or etc.. they won't be so nice. If DDO is just like WoW and you get skills every 2 lvls.. then it wont' be so fun.. we have to keep doing the same stuff over and over again. thats my opinion:D
• Singapore
8 Oct 08
WoW is real addicting but somehow ppl who had lots of time playing dominates while me ( military guy ) doesn't have much time to really play alot however i manage to get lvl 70 with full season 2 equip :D
@rmuxagirl (7559)
• United States
25 Sep 08
One of the main reasons I played WoW for a while there was like you I had a friend who had played and he really wanted me to play with him. SO I started to play because he was getting bored with no one to talk to. But i ended up quiting because I couldn/t pay for it. now I just don't want to pay for it LOL.
• Canada
23 Sep 08
I think wow is big for many reasons. First of all when it came out it was really the only game that there was out which was new and exciting. On top of that it wasnt trying to be super flashy like lets say lineage that had superb grpahics. the kind of graphics allows wow to look pretty cool but then playable for most people. Unlike linage ehich required a god like graphic card to play. And there is always the snowball effecet to consider. With so many peopleplaying wow its just so fun to make a new character with friends or just do random stuff with firends.
@sergeantrom (5711)
• United States
19 Sep 08
I dont understand the fascination with this game either. My husband got it 2 months ago and is on every night playing that thing. I watched for awhile and dont get it. I got bored just watching him walk around the forest. Just bor-ing!!!