has your friend ever betrayed u ????

September 14, 2008 8:02pm CST
i had friend in my collage .he used act like a innocent guy.but one day i took my mp3 player to collage.he asked from me for seeing. then he returned back.but at end of the day the ipod was missing.at that time i didn't know tat he could have done this.but later when he is out of collage(dismissed). he makde call to his friend and says abt this ipod.can e trust our frnds...is it good..???
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15 Sep 08
hi vinoth, it too had a bitter experience with one of my friend in college and i dont want to share wat happened and my school friends are the greatest ones i ever had because dont hav any bitter experience with them,in college i trust most of them except the one man......
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