How can we enjoy lifes when it is competitive?

September 14, 2008 10:06pm CST
Hi guys, Im sick of this daly routine competitive life. I always to enjoy life having a stress free job with a decent salary. where here comes all the trouble more salary u get the more stress u get. There is no time for me to enjoy my life.I'm fed up with my life. Please help me out give me some suggestion to make life enjoyable.
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16 Sep 08
Hey, the only person who can help yourself opening your eyes for this beautiful world is yourself... Just try to give your life a rest... And try not to look at the other, because it will never give you happiness...
• United States
15 Sep 08
Welcome to the Lot, newbie! It's a shame you're in that situation. Maybe you just need to find the right life. I love my work, and I just don't participate in any kind of competition. I do what I love, and I do it well. There's no competition involved. Coming home to a happy life helps, too. Best of luck to you.
@khatri_50 (225)
• India
15 Sep 08
Hi guys , the life is a miror it reflect your face according to your mood if u reflect your face with smiling mood then u will cosiderd your self happy it is your mood which the life . never be dissappioted in life .take it happily every thing your life will be turned in to is a nothing it is mixture of happiness and sadness.
@rainmark (4302)
15 Sep 08
Just relax, take it easy. Life is so nice to enjoy. Get some holiday and spend it to the lovely beach and where you can chill out and stress free environment. That helps you to be cool and bring back to life after a long day and stressful work.
• Malaysia
15 Sep 08
I use to have situation like yours once. In fact, I had live with it for few years. My last employment was really bad experience. Terrible annoying boss, extreme workloads and workplace politics and etc...just gave me migraines almost everyday. The tension never leave but kept on increasing. Work never finish but kept on piling up. Everyday I stay back at work for extra 3 to 4 hours. These all for a little salary with no other benefits. With all the problems and tension, I went back home as a monster and I easily get mad and I sometimes put it on my husband and daughter. I realized that I've turned myself to something I am not and it's bad, then I decided to quit and look for other better job and environment. I am more peacefull and happy now and my migraine has totally gone.