how many times do you hear ill keep the kids when ever you want me to

@heaven11 (1159)
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September 14, 2008 11:37pm CST
so when i was pregant with my kids and after having them i constanly heard i will babysit when ever you need be too from grandparents aunts uncles ect well dont get me wrong for about the frist 6 months they were always asking can i keeo them well thats when i was very protective no they couldnt keep them i mean they were neborn well once i finnaly got to where i would allow them to go stay with someone or someone watch them alll of a sudden everyone was too busy i have 2 people that will watch them if i absoutly need them watched but i dont ask them alot because they have 2 of there own but my problem is i cant even get thier grandparents to watch them iam not by any means saying that i try pawning my kidds off i only ask someone to watch them if i have app to go to that they cant go to does anyone else have this problem
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15 Sep 08
well everyone always wanted to keep my first one but as she got older they quit then my second one came along and no one ever wants him not even when he was born.i know i always have someone to watch them in case of emergency or something i need to do but thats about it besides one of my cousins will but she has 4 kids.i just don't like asking people to keep my kids it feels like its a burden on mom said she would come to my house everyother weekend so we could go to dinner but thats only happened once and ya know its them missing out watching the kids grow up.