Be smart,avoid the PTC scam site,at the slighest hint

September 14, 2008 11:43pm CST
Well after reading about how there are many PTC scam sites OR/AND They are not scam sites in the beginning but later turn into 1 OR/AND They do not pay you in spite of you honestly doing your work OR/AND Any other reason for which you did not get your rightful pay, Let us list out all the PTC websites which turn into a scam or do not pay so that we can warn other people in future from succumbing to their trap. Well i will start with kept having different floating rates for per click,payout is $20(if it is a high payout)likely to be a scam i guess. Once i reached $20,they have not yet paid me.Its been a quite sometime now but i have not received any payment.SO i suggest not to join this site
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