internet lovers?

September 15, 2008 12:18am CST
hi im a internet lovers and i want to make money here anyone knows how??? can you teach me if you dont mind??? i want to make more money here on the internet im a newbie so please teach me how can i make i want to make dollars every month to pay my bills on the internet
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• India
15 Sep 08
i can help you out...... if u r really interested then pm me i added you as a frnd.... i will send the link to our group so that we can work together to earn online....
• United States
18 Sep 08
i just need a freaken job lol. ive been sitting here and running all over the town i live in and all the towns around me job hunting and ive blown over 300+ dollars in just gas alone and ive only been unemployed for about two or three weeks. i missed rent wich was due on the first and ive only managed to get half of what i owe and its already creapen up to the next month and i havnt even begun to pay for it. i dont know what to do ive tried posting on everything i can find and i cant find anything.
@rsa101 (32413)
• Philippines
15 Sep 08
Well I guess you have to make a lot of research on it. As earning on the net is not that easy. There are lots of lurkers out there who is just looking for you newbies to take advantage of you in here. They would make lots of promises that you can make lots of money where in the end you may end losing than earning. So Mylot is a start but this is not a good source of earning that could pay for your monthly earnings. I am still depending on my offline earnings to pay for my bills monthly.