Would you get a tattoo?

September 15, 2008 1:23am CST
Would you consider getting a tattoo?If so where do you want it,or do you already have a tattoo.
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• United States
25 Oct 08
i would but remimber not to get somthing some one els wonts its your bodey not thiers and you hafe to live with whot you have did. so it should bee whot you wont to live with for the reast of you life.and never put a name of a boy are girl friand . also remimber difrent parts of the bodey = difrint pain
@xialinye (1403)
• China
18 Sep 08
i wish i get a tattoo,but my father won't let me get one.... so how about you?
@biggerb (2028)
• India
17 Sep 08
No never.I am quite petrified of getting a tattoo done.Now I find most of the younger generation crazy about tattoos it has become a fad.You see tattoo studios mushrooming every where.They say the body is a canvas, a space for expression.The number of people who go by this school of thought is on the rise.So overnight artists who are mostly amateurs are on the rise.It is imperative to ensure that a tattoo artist knows and has more than just drawings skills, lest your body bears the brunt of art.Alot of precautions should be taken before one goes for a tattoo.
• Indonesia
16 Sep 08
tattoo? well, i don't think so. i don't want any tattoo on my body. moreover, i hate the painful procedure. i even wonder how can people bear having tattoo throughout their skin. but a little tattoo is fine. i like girls having little nice tattoos with them.
@Qaeyious (2361)
• United States
16 Sep 08
At 50 years of age I have enough lines on my body without putting any more on deliberately. And personally I don't see the point of putting someone else's art on my body.
• Philippines
15 Sep 08
I have seen so many beautifully designed tattoos. I don't wanna offend someone else who had it by saying that all tattoos are ugly and dirty. In fact, I've see clean-looking, elegant and nice tattoos. However, I don't think I'm gonna get one. Tattoos are somewhat "forever" unless you have the budget for laser removal. I don't think I'm that gutsy to have something as "forever", that I might not like to have anymore in the future. I'm also a little concerned about stereotypes and such. You know the society we live in, when you've got a tattoo, you've done something "controversial" somewhere along your life. Oh I can always say, "I don;t care what people say, I know who I am", but deep inside, I know I care about what people say, it hurts one way or the other. It's nice to try it though... Maybe when I'm wealthy enough to have all those Laser stuff.
@Sarah1108 (310)
• United States
15 Sep 08
I have 2 tatoos i have one between my shoulder blades of a heart with a music note in it. i found the symbol on the musiqsoulchild cd cover of loveandmusiq. i also have a tatoo on my left shoulder blade area. it is of curious george. i want to get another tattoo soon but money has been so tight i have not been able to get it done. i want my next tattoo to be 2 turtles. one for me and one for my soon to be husband
@Sir_bobby88 (8242)
• Singapore
15 Sep 08
Well i won't wanna get myself a tattoo yea because a lot people has on it and it makes really turn me off with a ugly tattoo lol.