how many credit cards du u have

September 15, 2008 1:52am CST
i have 3 credit cads and i rotate them at a convenience as my paymenent due dae is separated by 20 days, hence i can roll my fiannces for atleast 120 days cool, its a tricky way, but it is piossib le
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• United States
16 Sep 08
i have 8 but i dont carry a balance and i only use one that i charge then pay it off every month.. i use it because i get points and then gift cards to eat out on
• United States
15 Sep 08
My wife and I have a lot of credit cards; we have 3 credit cards, like Visas and Mastercards, but we also have store cards for a number of places and dept. stores. Our due dates vary, but we keep a fair amount of them during the beginning, middle, and end of the month. It works out pretty well cause we're able to make all the payments comfortably without having an overload of payments at any given time in the month.
• Philippines
15 Sep 08
I never use credit card,and i don't have plan to get credit card.It's hard to have a credit card,although you can use it in many ways but for me i would prefer to save my money on my own way.Credit cards has high interest in which that interest will keeps you going and going to pay if you can't pay on time.It has also disadvantages when it comes to credit card,if the people can't control their selves you will be having a big monthly bill in your account but of course it depends on the people who uses their credit cards,some use it in emergency cases only but some uses it most of the time ven it is not needed.Im not gainst it that's my opinion only and it depends on the people on how they will use their credit cards.
• Sri Lanka
15 Sep 08
I have two credit cards and I am going to reduce it to one. Of course it is convinient having a credit card but in my country the taxes are becoming more. At the same time if you miss the payments, the interest charge by the credit cards are too high. Having one credit card with all the facilities and a big credit limit is better I think.
@rkrish (3003)
• India
15 Sep 08
i have 4 credit cards, so i have opted for different due dates for different cards and the due date comes in gap of week too enjoy the credit gap of using the credit i too have an OD account