Ever Hit Somebody and felt bad about it?

September 15, 2008 5:02am CST
Once my band played a really bad gig in Edinburgh and as we all stumbled out of the pub drunk we started an argument with a few guys and i ended up punching a person who didn't get involved and them i stamped on the head of the guy who started it. Looking back, i feel like my actions were that of a brutish thug and it was completely out of character. Knowing i wrecked a potentially great night for a couple of guys annoys me. Has anyone else ever had similar feelings?
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@samson1967 (7417)
• India
15 Sep 08
I do hit people when they make mistakes or if they hurt me, but always I regret after hitting the person. Sometimes If wont be able to hit the person who hurt my feelings, even then I feel bad.
15 Sep 08
I don't often lash out when it comes to my feelings but i have once or twice when i felt someone said something that really hurt me. I didn't feel bad about those times though. I was angry and for a very reason.