irritating gum chewing

@lemayan (188)
September 15, 2008 9:47am CST
i have this classmate who sits next to me and everytime she is chewing gum i wish to the heavens to lift me and move me next to the teacher, dont get me wrong, she is a very nice person, friendly and all but, the way she slurps the gum around her mouth is just unbearable,. ta.ta.ta.ta. in the mouth and into my very ear and i cannot tell her to chew properly, so does any of you have such an experience of bad gum chewing, or slurping tea from the cup to the mouth? please feel free to share it, we just might afew
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27 Sep 08
have u just ever sat & watched a person chew gum. it broke me from chewing it a long time ago. i bet if they would watch other people they'd quit to.i don't like slurping either. my sons use to drive me nuts when we'd go out to eat & they got a drink w/a straw. they knew it was all gone & yet they'd keep on slurping on that straw.
@mom2eli (32)
• United States
17 Sep 08
I'm sorry but I am not sure if you are in college or H.S but come on...just tell the girl. Either she doesn't know..and when you tell her she is going to shocked (b/c she doesn't know) or she will be a total B... Either way...seriously who cares. Or just don't sit there anymore! Or if you are in H.S. just stop by and talk to your teacher really quick. No biggie.