Sports on childrens. What do you think about?

September 15, 2008 10:29am CST
What you think about the sports in the childrens, Positive or negative? Should they only study or only sports? or maybe they have to do 50%sports/50%study ? In some countrys the childrens dont do many sport activities but the european people do sports all the time, whats up in usa?latin american?Asian people? What they do in your country? Have fun!
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• Philippines
15 Sep 08
In my opinion both playing sports and studying is a great thing for a children because playing sports will enhance his physical side while studying will focus on his mental side but I would recommend 70% for studying and 30% for sport activities because today whats really important is knowledge,Knowing and learning things is definitely a must specially for children.Hope you liked my responseand have a nice day.
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• Uruguay
15 Sep 08
Thanks For your response. Im making a proyect about this. Have Fun!
• China
16 Sep 08
Hello hiphopburiki. I completely agree with you on this point because this is what I think as well. You have given a very good explanation or response that I like so much. Happy posting.