12 weeks already

September 15, 2008 9:21pm CST
well baby in womb is now 12 weeks. praise God! :-) i didn't experience much of the queasiness and discomforts of pregnancy already. hopefully i can get back to blogging and posting in mylot and other forums already. last time, i can't spend much time in the computer because i would get a headache from eye strain. it seems that my vision or focus has altered when i became pregnant. now, i don't really feel pregnant at all. lol my tummy isn't big or at least, it just seems that i only gained some weight in the mid section. i am pretty active with my work errands. i am just sick since sunday night. it is just that i got so tired last saturday and when i came home to house with 3 helpers who have the flu, then i caught their virus and went down with it. yesterday, i had another helper massage me and it was very relaxing. i broke into cold sweat and i felt better. anyway, i am feeling better today but my taste is not back to normal yet. hopefully tomorrow i will be better .:-) well that is just the updates on my life. i haven't posted for more than a week! sign and it is almost payday!!! waaa last month, i didn't qualify for payment...sob sob...now that the dollar is up, i will have to be more active around here. take care all! God bless you!
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@jonesy123 (3950)
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16 Sep 08
Congratulations on passing the 12 week mark. Your tummy should be expending all too soon and when you're near full term you may not be able to see your feet anymore, much less tie your shoes,lol. Stay away from people with obvious flu and cold signs. What's just something they can tough out easily, may be a major event for you and your baby. Good luck and a healthy and easy rest of the pregnancy;)