Will you like to drive everyday at great speeds as in games (if possible)?

@sivanj (1263)
September 15, 2008 10:57pm CST
Everyone like to drive at great speeds in games and thats why the games have become such a big success esp those with driving features. There are many racing games, others like GTA and many more. If given an option to drive at great speeds in your day today life (might be with one lane made free for you to drive) will you enjoy it? Will you accept it?
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@ashar123 (2357)
• India
22 Sep 08
Speed thrills but sure kills. [i]If given the chance and all the safety matters are checked, I shall drive on a single or more straight road like an extended landing strips used for aeroplanes to land on. But a racing car like Ferrari must be provided. Who doesn't love driving fast but in real life its impossible. I saw test drivers of Ferrari and other car manufacturers whose job is to test the car on free racing tracks.[/i]
@zeroflashx2 (2489)
• Philippines
20 Sep 08
For me, yeah, definitely. I really really love driving at very high speeds even on narrow, one lane roads. I often do Gran Turismo style of driving like cutting corners at high speeds and drafting at times (which I suggest you don't do as it's a bit dangerous). Although my car doesn't have the technology which is on most of the cars in the racing games, I still try to be as safe as I can and I never do stunts when I have a passenger. But for my own lane, my goodness, I'd possibly be speeding through it everyday. Take care and drive safely!
@hellcowboy (7378)
• United States
16 Sep 08
I do like playing racing games from time to time especially Need For Speed Most Wanted and I think it would be kind of cool to drive as fast as you do in those games but it would also be dangerous and scary,and I do not think I would want to do it,especially since my fiance is always in the car with me and I would not want to do anything that would put her in danger,and I would not want to do anything that would get me arrested either.
@sharra1 (6341)
• Australia
16 Sep 08
No I do not like to drive fast. My partner does but I would be terrified of losing control and ending in a nasty accident. I am perfectly happy to drive on a highway at the speed limit which is 100ks. I do find 60 ks which is the limit in the city to be a bit slow but it takes a long time to stop if you have to react quickly. I prefer to stay away from cities as much as possible as I find there are too many cars on the road now for my taste, too many people. I live out in a rural area and much prefer it. I have played racing games in my youth but I do not enjoy them now and in those games crashing was never fatal as you just started again. In reality any crash at those speeds is fatal. You say have one lane free for you to drive in. Where does everyone else drive? Or do you mean one lane for a certain speed as in a freeway?