What kind of blogger are you?

@Beruang (1309)
September 15, 2008 11:09pm CST
Throughout my blogging time I have discovered many reasons why people blog. Here are some of the reasons that I have discovered. 1. To share things with friends and relatives - This kind of blogger would post about their lives and some of them would really get very personal about it. But then that is their way of keeping in touch with friends and relatives who are not living near them. Some of these blogs even have registration requirements so that no strangers would be allowed to read them. 2. Blogging just for fun - This type of bloggers makes up quite a number on the internet. They are simply having fun and like to have some fancy theme with lots of fancy widgets. The contents can be about almost anything and they do not really care if people come and read their posts or not. 3. Blogging for money - There are also a big number of bloggers who are there strictly for the sake of making money. The contents are pasted in such a way that would get people to read them and also to be discovered by the search engines. They mostly blog about marketing, money making tips, affiliate programs and you would see at least an ads spot on their page. Normally they would have more than one. Adsense would be the most common one. 4. Mixture of all or some of the above - This kind of blogger, in my opinion are the majority on the internet. The blogs would have a mixture of contents targeted to almost all kind of audiences and at the same time they also have some ads on their page. They are happy if the make some money but in general they would just keep on blogging even if the money part does not really comes in. 5. Specific Theme Blogger - These bloggers are focused on their contents. Example of these blogs are those who talks about specific animals or specific products only. They can also be part of the money making bloggers to certain extend. That's all that I can think of at the moment. What about you. Are you a blogger? In which category do you belong to? Let's share your blogging experience here. Cheers!
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@hcromer (2710)
• United States
20 Oct 08
I think I'm a combination of those. I have kind of a niche blog (at least it will be I don't think I've hit all the topics I want to focus on yet) so I fall into the "specific theme blogger", I do it for fun, but I also would like to hopefully make money from it one day (please please please please please, crossing my fingers and my toes), but I know that day is probably far away.
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