@nik00lai (195)
September 15, 2008 11:48pm CST
I have always dreamed of traveling the world. But I guess I cannot realize my dream yet. Its all because of the financial incapacities. But I hope someday I would be able to.
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• India
16 Sep 08
Well even i love traveling.... well even i had the same problem before..., but don't get discouraged. I am sure you will find some way out and fulfill your dreams... just check my blog. and let me know... ok na...
@maximax8 (30121)
• United Kingdom
16 Sep 08
I managed to go to Greece from saving up from my paper round. I got a Saturday job and saved up to go to the Netherlands. I got a job when I was 18 and saved up to go to more places. I let my home out and got a working holiday to go around the world when I was 20. I suggest you save up and read lots of travel guide books. It is possible to do couch surfing if you like. I used to stay in backpacker hostels and camp. These days I usually stay in locally owned guest houses. To get travel experiences it is great to travel to a few of your neighboring countries, especially the most economical one. I have a book that said at the time of publication a traveler with $1000 could have 14 days in Japan or 67 days in India. You can see which is the cheaper of those two countries. I suggest you search for cheap flights on the Internet. Good luck achieving your dream of traveling the world.
@mykmari_08 (2465)
• Philippines
16 Sep 08
Personally, I do like and love to travel even if I only have experienced travelling within my own country. Modesty aside, we have more than seven thousand islands but unfortunately, I still am not able to see all of nature's wonders here in my homeland. If and when our finances would already permit us to have a trip of at least five days to a couple of countries, I'd like to take this opportunity to travel with my own family. I believe that it's best to tour different places with different customs and traditions with companions. Even if I haven't been outside our country, I'd like to see other Asian countries for a start; namely Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Japan. And as a child, my cousin and I dreamt of making a trip as tourists to Australia. If I'm not mistaken, life is a bit laid back over there. Some say that it's like country living and as old fashioned and sentimental as I am, I absolutely would like to experience slow life once again. I hailed from a province north of Manila so I think quite like this.