i really wanted to be a LAWYER!!!

September 16, 2008 12:03am CST
even before during my grades school days, when someone asks me how i wanted to be when i grow up i always say i would to be a lawyer, cause i just think that was pretty kewl, But in ended up taking economics, but hey economics isnt bad, and economics can be my preparatory for my dream to be a lawyer. I really love detective stories and always love to watch movie that has setting in a court room, its just soooo fascinating to see lawyers outshines each other every time they got a good evidence and opinion, and their's this guy a senator here in the Philippines he is a lawyer and i found him very very handsome not because of his looks but because on how was the he talks, its as if everything that cames out from his mouth has sense, by the way he is CHIZ ESCUDERO.
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