Very strict mentors/Teachers?

@Antzon (159)
September 16, 2008 3:38am CST
When you are learning something new, do you prefer a very strict teacher or you prefer a easy going one. I have my choice on both sides, i personally have a very strict JAVA teacher which have high expectations of us and is very strict with grading. Sometimes i feel that having a strict teacher makes you learn more because you have no other choice but to do the work or face the consequences. However, it often takes away the fun of learning and make the learning hours stressful. A easy going teacher makes the whole learning experience more fun and less stressful, often people will say that a class taught by a easy going teacher will not be as fruitful as a strict one. However i beg to differ because it is the will to learn that helps a person in learning thus if you have a good learning attitude you will be able to learn as much as if you are in a class taught by a strict teacher and also in the meantime feel less stress. Which do you prefer?
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@pehpot (4762)
• Philippines
16 Sep 08
I prefer a fun and easy teacher or instructor, it is easier for me to learn when I don't feel fear on the instructor.
@klaudine (3651)
• Indonesia
16 Sep 08
I know your feeling, but I don't really understand that. I have never had any trouble with strict and killer teachers. I always had a good relationship with those teachers even the one that every student in my school scared of talking to them. Even when I am in the university right now, I have no problems dealing with teacher who is said that always give bad marks to the students. I passed every class without any trouble, even the professor is the killer one. I know that having the easy going teacher would make the students learn in a better condition because of the less stress, but it also has it own flaws. The student tends to disrespect this teacher and become easy going in learning. Personally I like the strict teacher because I can learn in a better situation. The quietness the respect and the hard work. :)