The best approach to earn money online

United States
September 16, 2008 7:34am CST
"All the sites listed out are scams, even if they pay they pay only peanuts." "you can't make livelihood out of online money". "It is mere waste of time in exploring these opportunities". Well, I would say that these are all serious misconceptions. You can earn money, and there are thousands of people who earn full time income through online revenue generating program. The bottom line is your investment and risk diversification. There are potential risks for every business, if you are smart enough, you can plan your risk aversion in a nice way. Who ever is putting all the eggs on a single basket is a stupid person. Be it stock market or other investments, you should not rely too much on a single avenue. The same thing holds good in online money generating methods also. It is not good to concentrate in just a single ptc. At any time shortlist the best 10 ptc sites around and join them. This will not only increase your potential earn even without referrals, but also reduces your risk, if one ptc shuts down you can still compensate it. But don't stop with that. Today the PTC industry is in a much better shape than what it was before 5 months. Still I would advise you to invest time and energy in multiple income streams like 1) PTC - paid to click 2) PTS - paid to signup 3) PTP - paid to post/promote 4) Advertisements - being a free publisher with account in adsense,bidvertiser and adbrite 5) Affiliate marketing 6) Lead generation and referrals. If you put in a planned approach in all of these, then you can earn around 1000 dollars a month within 3 months. It is very important to work smart rather than work hard. You can learn from other people's experience, some of the members here would have spent years to understand the intricacies of earning online, you can learn it the easier way by talking to them. You can see some of the opportunities in my profile, you can also PM me for further information. regards Ajithkumar
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• India
16 Sep 08
Nice info. I was wondering whether to invest in crewbux or not. I have a verified paypal account so it should not be a problem. How much money do you think one should invest to earn at least $500 a month.
• India
16 Sep 08
I believe I am going to invest money in buxout. The site looks very professional and the referral packages are very reasonable. Lets see how it goes, I will keep you people updated.
• United States
17 Sep 08
All the best, if you need any help you can contact me. regards