Losing power to outlets

United States
August 22, 2006 11:04pm CST
I live in a Mobile home. Problem started in front bedroom,next went to outside outlet, next fromt bathroom, next livingroom outlet,next laundry room outlet/switch combo, next was my bathroom. All outlets seem to run on the same line. Problem seems to stem from the outlet in laundry room, which is closest to the breaker box. Slowly one by one the outlets did not have power and gave a reading of "open neutral". The breaker was still in its place, but no power to the outlets. When I took apart the outlet/switch near the breaker box, I felt this was the source of my problem. It has four romax wires coming into the box, and when I moved the outlet assembly the white wires that were bunched together, came apart and one of the wires was loose. I figured maybe this was my problem so I attemped to put this back together, I wanted to start from scratch so I took the switch off and the outlet off and now have all the wires waiting to be hooked back up. Please help me to wire this back up correctly. When I took this assembly apart, I now have no power in my overhead kitchen light, and my dining room fan/light. It seems that I have the domino effect going on here. Thank you for your help. Cindy
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