Do you think the relationship between a man and a woman can be pure friendship?

September 16, 2008 8:41am CST
I am a man,and I have a very good friend who is woman.we were classmates before.She is a very excellent person who is beautiful,smart,considerate and kind-hearted,if somebody who become her boyfriend will be very happy and fortunate,but we don't become the lovers because of some factors. But now she has a boyfriend, when I learn the message, I am confused about this message. Maybe I am not self-confident in keeping the pure friendship between she and me.Yes,maybe I like her,even love her,but now I just her good friend.I always think if she and me can't become lovers,whether we can become very good friends and keep the pure friendship forever.What do you think about this?Can a man and a woman keep a very pure friendship forever?
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@rakittera (802)
• Philippines
16 Sep 08
Oh yes, definitely! A man and a woman can keep a very pure friendship forever. I know coz my bestfriend is a guy. We have been best friends since high school days. He is now the godfather of my daughter. He is still single while I have been married for 4 years. He knows me like the back of his hand and we always finish each other's sentences. That's how close we are. I used to have a crush on him when we were younger, but I liked it better when we became friends. Friendship is forever while romantic relationships can end. Enough about my friendship, how about you? From your post, it seems like you are interested to have a romantic relationship with your friend. But clearly that is not possible at the moment because she has a boyfriend. I hope you think about this matter more. Would you risk losing a friend just because you're feeling something for her? What if she doesn't feel the same way for you? If I were in your shoes, I'd rather stay a friend. If things change and she becomes available, maybe you can re-think your options. But for now, be a friend. It's the best role in the world.
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• Belgium
16 Sep 08
Of course!.. There's nothing wrong with that as far as i can see.
@pehpot (4762)
• Philippines
16 Sep 08
I am sure a man and a woman can maintain pure friendship if they know they limitations, like not spending too much time with each other, I mean is if they would act like friends I ma sure they can, but it very highly that these two would develop into more meaningful relationship. That is good if both party is single and not committed.
• India
16 Sep 08
I do not know what other thinks. I think that relationship between the man and woman are friendly till they finally decides to be come one after marriage. Such relationship is there in the corporates and other company where man and woman have to work together and some time these are converted into the wonderful couples. I do not think any thing bad of relationships between the married woman and man provided that these are upto some limit.