Crisicism of the statesmen

@mookhor (304)
September 16, 2008 9:14am CST
WE generally criticize our statesmen. We do so not because these persons leave some issues by their action and saying to draw criticism. A few examples may be cited : They will advice us to do one thing or that which they will not do themselves. They will tell us to pay attention to their promises most of which they will surely forget at ease just after the election. Sometimes they will be taken to task by the administration or by the court for some of their deeds which are either unethical or illegal. A few of them are utterly liars and shameless and have links with the underworld of the crime. Will you please suggest how this spectrum may be changed for the good of the people ?
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@evanslf (485)
16 Sep 08
Getting rid of the nefarious political parties would be a start, then statemen would be encouraged to stand by what they believe in instead of pouting party dogma. Alternatively, we cold always adopt the ancient greek's way of doing things, drawing lots to select our statemen/women (at least this would help us get rid of the power seekers most of the time, on the probabilities of chance!)