our nature ! have u ever stop work in one day and listen the call of nature

September 16, 2008 9:27am CST
have u ever stop ur work in one day and relax in nature ,forget noisy and busy cities ,forget smoke and exhausted ,just relax and feel the beauty of nature ? I like to do it in weekend . forget it all ,just drifting myself in the follow of time and nature
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• Canada
24 Sep 08
To me there is nothing most relaxing in the spring, summer and fall then sitting with my back against a massive white pine on the shore of a lake and lisening to the call of the loons, except in the calm of winter when the only sound is the wind gently sighing through the pines accented by the cry of the distance wolf.
@williamjisir (22884)
• China
17 Sep 08
Yeah, sometimes I stop working and listen to the nature, but every night I am very happy to be able to listen to the nature as there are so many bugs outside the window on both sides of the small river outside my window. Sometimes I can hear the sound of a bird at night. All of this is so natural where I live.
17 Sep 08
Hi dinhquanghuy, I am very happy that you appreiate nature like me, I live in the country and some times in the morning and all is peaceful I will go out in my garden and just stand there listen to birds chirpping their dawn chorus and smelling the air, it is just so beautiful and its all free. Sometimes I would go into the woods and just sit there with all the trees atound me and watching all the little animals scureying around, yes I love the nature. Tamara