There are still very kind people out there.

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September 16, 2008 11:51am CST
This past weekend I went to the store with my mom and 2 daughters. A woman followed us to the car not knowing what to expect these days I was afraid to open the door but am glad I did. She gave me a $20 bill and told me to use it for gas. She wanted to do something nice for someone. It was so funny b/c my husband and I just talked that morning about waiting until next pay check to put gas in the car. So now that someone has done something like this for me I want to do something nice for someone else. I purchased gift cards off of the website a while back and we went and checking out the resturant and its not a place where we can eat. We have 2 kids and its a bar or you have to eat on the corner of the street and I don't think my kids will stay still long enough to do this so I will go there and look for 2 family of 4 and give them the $25 off gift cards. Has this ever happen to you? What did you do to pay it forward?
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21 Sep 08
I have been paying it forward for most of my life. I feel that by doing something nice for someone else that I hope someone will be there for me in my time of need. I use to be able to help more people then I do now before I got sick. I do have good friends who take me places and never ask for gas money. Every once in a while I will buy them lunch or dinner because of what they do for me. I think we need to continue to pay it forward but not think of it in those terms. I do love helping others. I get more joy out of it then they do I think.
@Bebs08 (10685)
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16 Sep 08
wow!! you have a wonderful idea to give back the blessing you have received. I wish I can do that too, although i did not received the same blessing you did. That was pretty amazing? somebody would just give you money for gas? from someone you do not know? That is Good Samaritan attitude. We have been experiencing the same thing about gas problem but we did not receive money yet from somebody on the street for our gas.. I wish we could somehow.
@1hopefulman (44646)
• Canada
16 Sep 08
Wow, I'm impressed! Right off the street, a total stranger at that. I'm impressed! BUT, it's not normal is it? So be careful, if that woman approaches you again on another occasion. I'm not saying she has bad motives. But these days best to be cautious. Sometimes in the mail we get $1 off gas coupons and most people in my building (150 apartments) throw them away. I collect them and give them to friends and since I have so many, when I go get gas, I give them to other people getting gas.