more scam emails.....i'm so sick and tired of it.

@chai37 (142)
September 16, 2008 12:57pm CST
Just now i received 2 mails stating that (1) that i have a confirm able check amounting to $850,000 which her husband kept for me and she now deposited it to fedex courier I need to PAY $285 as SECURITY KEEPING FEE (Bull....!) all i need to do is contact fedex thru an email address that she gave me. (obviously a scam) and (2) from COMPENSATION HEAD OFFICE This woman claims that i have $500,000 check that needs to be delivered to me asap, for all my past efforts (huh?) again all i need to do is contact the email add. to give my mailing address...(uhmm..i think not.) GRRRRR!!!!I almost got scammed before, i almost believed that i won the lottery which i never entered in the first place, and it said that my email address won it for me and thought "finally! i can pay all our debts!!!!" well, It's a good thing i asked around first and searched the net about this email lottery thing. As it turned out, everything was a scam and i found a long list of assorted scam mails, and newsletters about someone getting killed responding to this kind of messages....unbelievable! This is really annoying... I'm loaded with debts and I'm really vulnerable right now and this kind of mails don't help, it just makes more frustrated and pissed. These people are evil. How do we stop them?
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@ronaldinu (12439)
• Malta
16 Sep 08
If you have a good spam filter, will detect such emails as spam immediately. All web based emails such as gmail, hotmail and yahoo accounts have a good spam filter that will put these kind of emails in the spam folder and saves you time from reading numerous nonsense.
@chai37 (142)
• Philippines
16 Sep 08
i know, but some of them go directly to my inbox. i use yahoo and I always receive this kind of mails in my inbox. I have gmail too and it's the same thing. this letters keep sneaking into my inbox.