How much is enough

@nuemann (332)
United States
September 16, 2008 1:19pm CST
Just how much money is enough to guarantee Happiness? Am wondering what level of income do you need to have to just wondering about bills, stocks and other Money issues just to keep on living the good life. I have seen a whole lot of people who seem to have large bucks but still don't relent in their effort to make more thereby raising their stress level? if you have an idea or an opinion as to how to get max happiness with a corresponding level of income or reserve please feed our minds. Your fellow mylotter, Nuel
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@lalapuff (290)
• Philippines
18 Sep 08
hi nuel, i see your idea as a new age thinking..some part of a new age philosophy..'cause you know what the tradition says that "happiness can't be bought". but maybe we could give a new light to that thought. i still believe that happiness can't be bought because as what i previously said in one discussion, people are naturally born with discontentment. people always seek the better. when they have this, they're happy for quite sometime then would start craving for a new one. i think at the very least, one could be financially happy when he/she has no more debts to settle, he/she could pay for his/her necessities, buy wants/luxuries, save enough for the future and give to God and share to others especially the needy. now i can't quantify this all because it would also depend in one's lifestyle and/or standard of living.
• India
18 Sep 08
hi,lalpuff, hv a nice dat.Thanks for considering me as a best of yr freind.Its agood topic choose.People shd hv satisfaction after getting something.But this not happned in our real life.v desires more & more evenafter getting maximum.There is no limit for perople's desiration/satisfation. But,i m differrnt from that.My wife,is a teacher in india,she is getting around rs.13000.00 per month(indollers-$271 per month) & i m getting rs.12000.00 pm(indollers- $250 pm).This is enough for maintaining our life.But i m trying to get some more I.e.Rs.5000.00 pm(indollers-$105 pm) from share market & i can easily get from it.So i m not going to get more & more.Now total amoy in our family is rs.30000.00 pm(in dollers-$625 pm) sufficeant for enjoying our life.v r three member in a there is no need of more. so everyone shd get target to achieve min.or max. limit. thanks anil
@BriNbai (912)
• United States
16 Sep 08
I don't think any amount of money can guarantee happiness.No matter what people are going to wish for even a little more. People are never satistied. I have seen people who are multi-millionares that work harder than the average person because they want to continue making more and more money and yes at the same time raising and raising their stress level. People say money is the root of all evil, but the bible actually says 1tim 6:10.."for the LOVE of money is the root of all evil" and I hold it very true