Friends you can't stand

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September 16, 2008 1:57pm CST
In your opinion, what should you do when you have friends that you just can't stand? Our best friend moved away last year and his fraternal twin moved to town. We've heard nothing but bad things about the twin, but once we met him he didn't seem so bad....until he started showing up everyday with his unruly, spoiled kids (the boys not bad but the girl is a flat out menace) talking about the same things every time. He split with his wife who was living with another man and he did nothing but complain and talk crap. That's understandable but he really had us disliking her before we met her. Then he suddenly dissappeared. We found out that he moved in with some chick in a neighborig town after meeting her on the internet one night. Then just as suddenly he was back, everyday, still talking about the same things (which was how nasty his wife is). Next thing I know, he shows up with this wife to get us to befriend her. She wasn't anything like he described, she was just annoying; as annoying as her husband and children. They would spend the day arguing and texting each other instead of even talking to us. We finally started making excuses why they had to leave as soon as they got there, ignored their calls, and wouldn't go to see them. Should we have done this much sooner? My boyfriend just had to tell them to leave one of our other friends alone too. She lives alone with 3 kids and they were showing up at all hours of the night, and texting her while trying to sleep; trying to get her to sleep with him since "its only fair if he has a fling, I had one". I was really expecting to hear that from them myself the way they had started acting. Thankfully my boyfriend can be intimidating. Sick? Hopefully they listened and will leave her be. I cringe when I think I see their vehicle, and I'm not here alone. I do expect them to start bothering us again though, now that they don't have someone else to leech onto. I really hate to say it but I just want those two ignorant fools and there annoying, fish faced children to stay away. My son can't even stand them, then again he gets stuck with the kids and has to parent them since their mom and dad won't. Can't blame him for wanting them gone.
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16 Sep 08 Honestly, I would tell them that they are not the type of people you like to have around you or your family. People like this are usually so obnoxious and into themselves, that they won't even get hints. You have to tell them straight up. It might sound harsh, but if you don't, you'll be stuck with them. I don't really have this kind of problem as I can usually tell pretty quickly whether or not I'm going to like someone or not. I have, however, dealt with a friend's friend who was annoying, obnoxious, or simply didn't like me for whatever reason. I simply told them that I didn't like them, but was willing to be civil for our mutual friend's sake and asked them if they were willing to do the same. Some have said yes and it's actually worked out and I've learned things from those people, even if I don't like or agree with them. Others said no and so I just made sure to be around my friend when that person was not around. Hope this helps.
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16 Sep 08
Thank you very much. We put up with them partly because the kids were in a bad place, and partly because his brother is our best friend. But, in all fairness, his brother doesn't like him either. His wife at one time was our friends wife, if that says anything.