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September 17, 2008 12:31am CST
Okay, take a deep breath and continue reading. Number one, politicians are politicians. Expecting them to be anything else is lunacy. NUMBER TWO: the two main parties are so similar and alike that it is hard to tell the difference. There's horrible people in both, and depending on the person you ask one has more bad apples than the other bunch. However, the fact remains that they're the same apples from the same orchards. Politicians in general have had a disconnect with both reality and regular folks, for a long time. I understand most of politics is showbiz, but when you get all emotional about it and starting arguing with eachother, you're playing to their tune and you need to STOP, stop, STOP doing that. -Seriously-. Also, alot of you have loyalty to your parties and when it gets tot he point where you ignore everything else I have to insist that it is MISPLACED. Take some time to stop. Pause for a sec, occasionally, okay? And take a moment to think about all this. Stop jumping when they say jump. Stop assuming things. I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but occasionally I really must shout for ya'll to stop the madness. BIG things are happening right now, and not just for us Americans. There's more IMPORTANT things that what he said, she said half the time. I don't care ya'll get sidetracked, but please don't forget it all entirely. Please. I don't want to look back on 2008 and go, "AUGH, the human race were idiots as usual, maybe worse idiots than usual that year." Let me repeat: I do -not- care what party you belong to, I don't give a flying rat's eyeball why you like or hate so and so. Taking things to a personal level and chewing someone out because they disagree is childish and doesn't help a darned thing. Get over yourselves. Disclaimer: I realize because of how tense things are in general, this often brings out the worst and best in people. This is a highly general pleading from me, and not directed at a single person or specific discussion on here. This is me begging everyone to try to stay sane. I don't hate people who like gossip, I don't hate anyone. OKAY, now that we've got that out of the way, lol. What's your take on people in general's reaction to everything? What's your analysis to the human race's obsession with frivolous, stupid things and how do you think it will affect this world's events? Feel free to be as optimistic or pessimistic as you wish. Take the time to let off some steam, rant, joke around as you wish. What're your own personal biases in politics? Oh yeah, I asked it! This IS a nonpolitical political thread, lol. You saw right! about it, guys? Observations?
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