What are the most frequent residents of your bag?

September 17, 2008 2:58am CST
I love carrying loads of stuff in my bag. Whether goin' out to party with my friends, or just going off to work, I usually carry a big bag, usually mailbag-like ones. I just can't help putting lots and loads of different stuff in it, books (that I won't be able to read anyway), my ipod (which I can only use when I'm traveling, cause im sure to have a long string of talk with friends or with my students when at work or at a party), basic vanity like powder, eau de toilette, a comb, lip balm, facial cleanser, facial wash, etc., an extra shirt, and extra lower garment, an extra boxer, an extra pair of sockes, an extra pair of slippers, my shower gel, mouthwash, toothpast, toothbrush, my starbucks mug, a pack of cigarette, 3 different lighters, a mirror, 2 pens (which I rarely need), a coin purse, a wallet, an extra jacket, ipod USB (in case a friend has a laptop I can get new song from), my ITUNES installer( in case the friend with a laptop doesn't have it installed lol), an extra face towel, a pack of travel wipes, 2 pairs of fashion glasses, 50 ml of betadine, about 50 grams of cotton, a flash disk, medicines for LBM, headache, nausea, fever,some lozenges and so much more... I am just crazy of being ready for anything that might happen along the way so i carry these things around. Usually my bag's weight would be aroung 2-2.5 KG (aroung 6 lbs)... it's crazy but I like it...lol So how about you? what do you usually carry around with you in your bag? Or do you carry a bag at all? Happy MyLotting! :)
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@modstar (9608)
• Philippines
17 Sep 08
my cd case with dvds and black dvds. i go visit my friends from time to time and copy large chunks of files so i need a dvd more than a usb. hmm ids for emegency purposes.. hmm.. i got my keys too.. i dont want people to be messing with my things so the keys stays with me at all times. two mobile phones. i hate to put in my pocket because there's a tendency they might slide down my pants.