Are you a bathroom singer ?

@DY06119 (135)
September 17, 2008 3:29am CST
Are you really a singer or a bar=throom singer? actually i'm bathroom singer and you....................
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@newmum (26)
18 Sep 08
Well i'd like to think im really a singer, that only sings in the bathroom, lol, when i was younger i used to do choirs, and music festivals, and singing contests, then i got older and did karaoke and talent things, now i just sing to my little son who is seven months old, he doesnt care if ive gone slightly tone deaf from not training my voice, he loves me anyway, i wonder how all us bathroom singers would sound if we got together and made our own amatuer choir??!! LOL
• India
2 Oct 09
I sing in the bathroom and in the car.The bathroom makes you sound better than you actually sound.
@colthrtz (15)
• Indonesia
8 Oct 09
yeah, i like singing in bathroom my family is laughing when i am singing in bathroom but i like this habit
@lala501 (1533)
• United States
29 Oct 08
Yes I am a bathroom singer. not the other one. And i dont think i would ever be that. What I do in the bathroom while I sing is look in the mirror and pretend like i'm on tv. i sing in the shower, kitchen,living room,ect. I love to sing. And people say I sing really good.
• Dominican Republic
20 Sep 08
I'm not a bathroom singer, nooo... I'm a whole house singer!! jajaja The truth is that I love to sing, and I think that I have talent (yeah, right!), but I'm only 15 and dont have the time to pursuit a full time career in the music business, but I would love to be a professional singer when I grow up... Xp
@CJay77 (4438)
• Australia
17 Sep 08
I am a bath room singer, lol! I guess that's the only place I can sing as I don't have a good voice.
@chiyosan (30218)
• Philippines
17 Sep 08
well not exactly though it is quite relaxing to have a song played in thee background while you take a bath and then sing with the song.
@ZIGGY22 (69)
• Philippines
17 Sep 08
I love singin' in the shower, yes hahaha!!! Early this morning before I went to work, I sang a total of two songs... Everything, by Michael Buble, and Never Gonna Let You Go by faith evans. though I love doin' it in the bath, I love it better when I sing in a public place like a karaoke (or in the Philippines, Videoke) bar... :)