Do you mind that your wife can earn more money than you?

September 17, 2008 4:50am CST
I am going to marry a few months later.But the income of my girlfriend is more than me.Sometimes I am ashamed to say that.But my girlfriend don't mind about that,yes she is a good girl,but I still feel ashamed.What do you think about this.Do you mind your wife or your girlfriend can earn more money than you?
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@sang2k2 (1833)
• India
17 Sep 08
i agree that its a cause of concern for you definatley but dont let this guilt feeling encroach on ur mind n heart which would further affect ur relation. these days where in we talk about man n woman equality i think you shouldnt feel bad so much.juz take it positively.take it as an inspiration and try to work harder and achieve the best ...dont talk about it always she may not like it..take care and all the best..may god bless you always..
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@maxilimian (3099)
• Indonesia
17 Sep 08
You should thank to God!! There's no need to be ashamed, the quality of a person doesn't depend on his wages, but on how do his job well done, it's a responsible value that credits to one person, so it's not a scale to get ashamed ... It's good things to support your family finance in future, and meanwhile you can earn money by doing side job to support your finances too ... Well i'm not sayin all woman doing this, some woman who has money in their arm won't share it to her husband, they say this joke to their husband, "Your money is our money, my money is my money!" it's only a joke, but i dunno, hope you have a great wife in future Cheer up
• China
28 Sep 08
I think you are right! Maybe it is my ego that is so big! Thank you very much!
@ngaspero (851)
• Italy
17 Sep 08
I would be very happy about that...more money comes in house and better ist who matter who get that!! Nun
@pehpot (4762)
• Philippines
17 Sep 08
Hello again, you seem very concerned with work and woman, but well for some it can be the start of unhealthy arguments, some men thinks that their pride are being stepped on when their partner earns more, but I hope in your case you will not.
• Malaysia
17 Sep 08
? What is wrong with you? I definately dont mind if my woman earns more than me. Where is it written that man MUST earn more than woman. I think your ego is too big. Please dont let this be an issue in your relationship. Be happy with ok?
@James72 (26829)
• Australia
17 Sep 08
If my wife earned more money than me I would actually be ecstatic! We are married after all and share everything so what's hers is mine and vice versa. It would be of tremendous benefit to both of us and pride would not even come into it! Why be ashamed? You should consider yourself blessed to be marrying such an accomplished woman! Money is not everything!