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September 17, 2008 6:02am CST
Okay yesterday I asked what the right age for marriage was. Now I want to know what the right age for kids is? i mean my best friend was married and had her first child at 18. But when the time comes i wonder if my kids will be ready. When I was younger things seemed to be different, we had to be responsible and do things on our own. Now a days the things I was allowed and supposed to do as a kid are not allowed anymore. I mean if social services saw my 7 year old mowing the lawn they would most likely take him away for me putting him in harms way. By age 8 I was weed eating and mowing my yard. Granted I lived in the country and we learned at a young age to do for ourselves and take care of things. So when my kids are that age will they be ready for the challenges of a child?
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@BubblyIan (751)
17 Sep 08
It depends! If your children are brought up in a stable two parent background where you and your partner have a good loving and positive relationship, then your children are likely to follow your lead and wait until theya re also in a good stable and loving relationship before starting a family. If you and your partner are separated and particularly if one aprent refuses to allow the other parent to see the children, then statistically speaking, children brought up by single aprents are significantly more likely to have children whilst still children themselves. This is probably due to the lack of love and affection they get at home from their single parent and possibly due to the benefit system (in UK) where single parents jump the housuing queue to get their own property regardless of their age. I hope you are in the former category - bring your children up properly and they are more likely to be sensible and wait until they are ready - probably mid 20s - before having children.
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17 Sep 08
Okay, I respect your opinion. But I was raised by my mom. My dad wasn't around much, although recently as an adult we have a relationship. I was in my 20's before I had children and I am married and happily. But mom did a great job, without my dad. I was an adult before I had kids. My husband on the other hand was married prior. I have 2 step-children that we raise. His parents are married and have been for years. but when he had his first 2 children he was as you say a child himself. Due to having children he grew up. I don't think it has anything to do with coming from a home with 2 parents or just one. I think it has to do with much more then that.