What do you do when you wake up sick?

Armed Forces Canada, Europe, Middle East
September 17, 2008 6:57am CST
Years ago if I woke up sick, I would get up and follow my normal routine of getting myself ready for work and my 4 kids ready for school. After getting to work, I would fight through the day, even if they offered to send me home. Unless they made me leave, I wouldn't. I would even return home to make dinner for my famiy like usual, clean up, help my children with their homework, etc.... Now my husband could have easiy taken up these chores but I would just continue to do it myself. In fact was down right stubborn about it. Now years late, today in paticular, I have woke up ill for the 2nd day in a row and I have a different view of how I am going to deal with this today. I am tired so I am taking a nap! Never done before. I also am going to have my husband do th homework and Pick up a Pizza on the way home. Now that I am older, I do not want to fight through it. I want to rest and get well quicker. Have you had experiences like this when you were sick? How d you hadle your day when you do not feel well?
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• Philippines
17 Sep 08
I hate to wake and find out that I'm sick. Most of the time, getting up sick would ruin my entire day. What I would do first things first is eat my breakfast so I can drink my medicine. I would buy lots of fruits too so I would get well immediately. Get well soon and you better take a lot rest. ;D
• Armed Forces Canada, Europe, Middle East
17 Sep 08
Thanks divine but I think I am too sick to get to the store for fruit. Besides My stomache is not feeling like it will be able to hold anythingright now. I am sipping lots of water though