How much time you spend on reading daily?

September 17, 2008 1:36pm CST
Hey guys! how much time do you spend on reading daily? Does it affect your other activities?
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@ibiswas (422)
• India
18 Sep 08
Hey Abdul, I am a voracious reader and I try mybest to spend as much time as possible in reading each day. Sometimes, a busy and hectic day forces me to keep my reading time to be less, but there have been days when I have kept awake whole night to finish a book. I try to keep the reading habit regular because reading gives me pleasure and relaxation. Happy Reading and MyLotting.....
• Philippines
18 Sep 08
I read books a lot, I can't go out at my house without bringing one coz if there is a spare time, like waiting on a lounge I make it sure that I always have something to read. I read 4 hours at night.
@x7heavens (365)
• Singapore
17 Sep 08
An avid reader, reading has been my passion since small. Cannot recall when was the last time I spent the day not reading. Being a full-time housewife, I spend most of the time tending to the chores and the kids. And would usually use what is left of it, reading. Time I spend on reading will be like around 2 hours daily. No matter how busy, I will definitely slot my reading time. Would it affect my activities? i should say yes, especially when the book is a good one and I find it hard to let go. Most of the time, I would even willing to stay up late several nights just to finish it.
• United States
17 Sep 08
I love to read so sometimes when I have more time, and I wind up really getting into a book, then I could read until I fall asleep. If I have a really busy day, I try to put aside at least 30 min. Reading also de-stresses me so after a busy day sometimes reading is just what I need.
@eveeee (659)
17 Sep 08
Apart from reading online, or reading for study I probably spend about 20 minutes on average a night reading. I like to have a novel on hand and read it in bed at night before sleep. Some nights thought when I cannot sleep I can read for hours. I also like to sit and read for a while in the mornings during the weekend so I probably read for about 20-60 mins then too.