Who Does Your Household Minor Repairs and Improvement?

House - Painting
@Muelitz (1592)
September 17, 2008 8:18pm CST
I recently helped my cousin repaint some of the bedrooms and a washroom in their house. We believe we saved s few hundred dollars doing that. It is very expensive to have it done by a professional. The outcome was not as good if it was done by a professional but it was good enough for us.. How about you, who does these thing in your house? Do you hire help or do you also do it yourself? What are the things that you have done?
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• India
19 Sep 08
My father and me do itself the minor repairs of my house if you cannot do that well then we will call the workers to do that work almost we will try the best to repair the minors problem in my house and room
@littleone3 (2065)
18 Sep 08
My partner is usually the one that does the repairs and improvements around our house. He is very good with his hands. He is that good that his sister paid for him to fly to Ireland so he could do some work for her. My dad also helps out alot as well as DIY is his hobby and he is very good at it. I will do the painting and wallpapering along with my 15 year old son, as that is the one job my partner hates doing.
• Philippines
18 Sep 08
every year i have my vacation, and that is when i do all the needed repairs to our house. i'll clean the roof gutters, & the drainage as well. sometimes i do some electrical wiring. i don't do painting jobs, as per my previous experience, it would be cheaper (& faster) & look more elegant if done by the professional. but because we are doing major home improvement, i act mostly as the foreman. i plan the jobs, make sure all materials are available, and monitor the work is fast. this year's vacation, i plan to do the driveway & garden lighting.. & maybe it i have time, a fish pond..