can anyone guide me properly as to how to open a paypal account and alt pay a/c?

September 17, 2008 8:30pm CST
I want to know how to register my bank account in paypal and alert pay properly. I have registered my bank account well in paypal, but then I doubt about my first and last name, if they are different, slight change, i.e. first is second and second is first in my bank a/c can I be able to transfer money? if i cannot, can I then close the a/c and open another one? and it is very difficult for me to register my a/c in alert pay. Can anyone also help me the ways to earn money online, I want to earn atleast 100$ online per month, how do I earn? and if i want to buy referrels even do I have to have a credit card for that? please help me friends
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