have you played in rain?

@amyrin (43)
September 17, 2008 9:57pm CST
The heaven that give by the god to the people is the rain.its a pure and a holy thing.Playing in the ran is the most happiest one.the rain drops are look like the pearls
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• India
22 Sep 08
YES.. i had played in the rain. but not recently.. during my childhood days. sometimes rain would come when i return from my school. i enjoy those hours much by becoming wet in the rain. but nowadays, if rain come, i just remember my past with some emotional feelings which happened to me on rainy days.. but it doesnt matter rainy or summer.. our past memories will be always sweet.. what do you say?
• United States
20 Sep 08
I love the rain and playing in the rain. It is the most awesome feeling. I have the biggest sense of being free when I play in the rain. My daughter, Raina also loves the rain and to play in the rain.
@mykmari_08 (2466)
• Philippines
18 Sep 08
Playing in the rain is considered a thing for the kids, locally. And believe it or not, I have experienced this when I was in my elementary grade until my second year in high school. Obviously, I couldn't do this anymore because I'm a grown-up now. In fact, I do have a daughter myself. It would normally happen during summer vacations, from April until May or June. My younger siblings and I would wait for the downpour of rain if we have observed thick, dark clouds. And when it finally pours down, we would gleefully play in the rain and take a bath with our clothes on, at the same time. After which, we would finish off our bath using clean tap water. There is also a belief that with faith, rain is able to wash us from illnesses which we experience. I got this from joining a catholic charismatic community having this childlike beliefs. I personally think it wouldn't hurt if we would go back to our basic roots sometimes; just as long as what we have isn't as dreadful as cancer or diabetes. After all, God is the greatest healer. I absolutely miss those times of playing in the rain during my childhood.
@shooie (4985)
• United States
18 Sep 08
I use to play in the rain as a kid and splash through the mud puddles after. I like towash my hair in the ran till this day and I like to go for walks in the rain if it is a warm rainy day I like to go for a walk in it until I am dripping wet. I want my husband to build me an outdoor shower so when it rains in the spring and summer I can go ouside and go in that little room with no ceiling and enjoy the rain caressing me...weeeee
@cream97 (29166)
• United States
18 Sep 08
I believe that I have, once or twice when I was very young that is.