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September 17, 2008 10:27pm CST
I remember when I was in sixth grade. One afternoon during our Math Class, our teacher introduced us this forty something guy and informed us that he would be joining the class. We, my classmates and I, thought about him joining us as an observer. But it wasn't that way. He was there to learn with us, just like us. Later on, we found out that he was a civil engineer. He was, until he met an accident. He had an amnesia and I guess he lost his memory that's why he was there with us. How unfortunate.. Isn't that a scary thought? Losing your memory?
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• United States
19 Sep 08
i can relate to him on a small level.. i was on medication for MONTHS that totally screwed up my memory.. they had switched it several times but the same side affect.. i would forget days.. weeks.. months.. i was like walking around and not knowing why and what i was doing.. and it was scary.. i will never take that crap again!! i got a little of my memory back but for those months i really dont remember what happened other than a little here and there
• Canada
18 Sep 08
I am really surprised they allowed him to learn in a school with a bunch of sixth graders as they have adult classes and I would have thought he would have taken something like this . I would have found that uncomfortable to have had an older person and forty some seems like an ancient person for a sixth grader , in my class . It is sad that he lost his memory although at times I feel that it would be easier then one would not have to put up with all the pain they have experienced in life . I even looked into something like this but I would not want to forget everything I ever learned and have to relearn again . It would just be nice to forget the pain .