Will you ever prioritize "earning money" to "personal life"?

@sivanj (1263)
September 17, 2008 11:18pm CST
These days in this fast paced life i feel that some are losing the importance that their personal life has over all other things. People tend to get too carried away by office commitments. They get so involved in official works that they tend to care less for their family members and children. Is this good. I believe no one would say that this never happens. The argument they say is that we need to be true and committed to our employers. They tend to work overtime with a aim to earn more for the children. But without their love the children will not grow properly to face their life tomorrow. All this is fine but we earn to live and not live only to earn. I think you will appreciate the problem if you look at it from the children's view. Looking forward to your views and comments.
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• Malaysia
18 Sep 08
hi sivanj really true indeed ... my husband is one of them .. he finds it important to find more money, he invests our money to gain more money and the little money we have is also lost ... ... if i want to go holidays he say cant waste time as he needs to be somewhere to earn more money ... ... the nights he is out with people to look for ways to earn more money ... and we lost more than we have earned ..... and poorer than i began cheers
@barigwak (97)
• Philippines
18 Sep 08
Earning money is good but prioritizing it?...It's bad. We should balance everything and have a time management. There were people who are successful in their careers, but wer'nt happy. They tend to give more importance in earning than being with their family.We have to put in our minds that earning money or being successful can not compensate the failure of a home.
• India
18 Sep 08
I think this discussions is aimed at to first prioritize first our personal family life than any thing else.Listen friend you can only prioritize your personal life when you have enough resources to run your life and maintain your family and their needs. Without the sources we can not do it.I do not say that we first earn a lot and then about the family. I mean one should not so money minded to neglect the family.